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  She confidently slides her foot into her left stirrup and swings into the saddle. She feels safe there; in her element. Nothing could take away from this experience.
  You know her when you see her. The scent of leather and hay follow her everywhere she goes. Showers, soaps, and lotions can't hope to cover the scent of so much time spent in a barn.
  She may be quiet or loud, tall or short, but one thing is always the same: she loves horses.
  She can wax poetic about diagonals and canter leads. Ask her about her discipline and you better be ready for hours of starry-eyed description. She writes about them and draws them. They chase her in her sleep.
  In the saddle, she is confident, cool, and brave. She knows just what she has to do.
  When she can't ride, it feels like she is only half of what she truly is.
  She is an equestrian.
:iconashandcinders:AshandCinders 2 5
The Apocalypse
                                The Apocalypse
   It's the end of the world.
   People screaming, crying, praying, down on their knees, lips forming the words "help me".
   Some frozen with a calm that is not natural- they soothe their family members, or silently wait for their end.
   And others go on a rampage. Stealing, assaulting, anything to make them forget their imminent future. The end of the world is here- what does it matter?
   People parade through the streets, carrying signs- "We are doomed for our sins", "Pray and you may be spared",  as well as many others- some will  never be read.
   War, famine, pestilence, death- all four horsemen are accounted for and present. If one thinks, humanity was always
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Stolen from :iconwillowinthesky:

1. [x] You have choked on water before.

2. [x] You have tripped down the stairs before.

3. [x] You have walked into a door.

4. [x] You have pushed a door the wrong way  

5. [x] You have walked into a wall.

6. [x] You have fallen going UP the stairs.

7. [x] You have jumped off stairs and hit your head on whatever was above them.

8. [x] You have been electrocuted by a light-switch or an outlet.

9. [ ] You have put metal/aluminum in the microwave.

10. [x ] Right after a commercial comes on you forgot the show you were watching.

11. [x] You have forgotten something that someone said.

12. [x] You sometimes don't understand jokes, and it takes a long time to figure them out.  

14. [x] You have been bleeding and not even noticed it.

15. [x] You've worn something backwards / inside out the whole day without knowing.

16. [ ] You have stuck a fork / knife in a toaster before.

17. [ ] You have played with fire.

18. [x] You've tripped over your own shoelace.

19. [x] You didn't even notice there wasn't a number 13 in this quiz

20. [ ] You just checked to see if there wasn't a number 13

So how clumsy are you??

0% - 0/20 x's
5% - 1/20 x's
10% - 2/20 x's
15% - 3/20 x's
20% - 4/20 x's
25% - 5/20 x's
30% - 6/20 x's
35% - 7/20 x's
40% - 8/20 x's
45% - 9/20 x's
50% - 10/20 x's
55% - 11/20 x's
60% - 12/20 x's
65% - 13/20 x's
70% - 14/20 x's
75% - 15/20 x's
80% - 16/20 x's
85% - 17/20 x's
90% - 18/20 x's
95% - 19/20 x's
100% - 20/20 x's


United States


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